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Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attractions

8 Things to check out near Rimwiang

While there are many things to see in Chiang Mai, there are multiple must-try spots for days when you might just want to take it easy on your holiday. Here are 8 things (ranked by distance) just a walk away from Rimwiang that can help you make the most of your visit in Chiang Mai to satisfy all your different interest.

Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gym (5 minutes away)

A Muay Thai gym is situated just a short 5 minutes walk away from the hotel - the price starting at approximately 300 baht per class for foreigners (it goes lower if you buy it as weekly or monthly packages)! Each session is 1 hour and 30 minutes long and you will be learning to kick and punch from trainers who practices the martial art professionally. Additionally, there is also a regular gym attached to the Muay Thai Gym that charges 100 baht per day for people who want to keep that holiday weight off while they are still on vacation.

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Fern Forest Cafe’ (5 minutes away)

A local favorite, Fern Forest Cafe’ is a beautiful cafe’/restaurant perfect for a restful holiday brunch. Imagine ordering a smoothie bowl and their blends of fusion food to enjoy under the shade of their outside seating area. Though you are still in the city, it becomes hard to tell sitting under the rustling leaves and the cafe’s natural ambience.

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Health Lanna Spa (5 minutes away)

After a nice brunch at Fern Forest Cafe’ we suggest you take a visit to the spa right beside it - Health Lanna Spa, for a morning of pure indulgence. Health Lanna Spa offers an authentic Thai spa infused with ancient therapeutic traditions of Thai northern culture (Lanna). There are different spa packages starting at 1,300 baht as well as offers of body wraps with Thai mud to facial treatment. Additionally, for those who might be interested in learning a new skill during their stay, they also offer Thai massage course starting at 5,500 baht.

Women’s Massage Center (8 minutes away)

Here’s a massage and spa center that is of a different price range and also offers you an opportunity to give back to society! The women’s massage center employs women who are incarcerated with minor crimes, giving them an opportunity to learn an employable skill for when they are released and save up money. Here, you will get an authentic Thai massage starting at just 250 baht.

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Thai Akha Cooking School (8 minutes away)

The cooking school is run by Akha people, a group of indigenious hill tribe people living in Thailand with ancestors from Tibet boasting its own unique culture and way of life. Akha food is said to be perfect for vegetarians and focuses on using fresh and local ingredients. The cooking school offers morning and evening class with a tour to the local fresh market. Here, you get to learn how to make appetizer dishes, stir-fry, curry and soup in their outdoor kitchen. The best part of it is you get to eat what you cook afterwards! Their courses start from 900 baht and is perfect for those who want to understand a different culture and way of life.

Wat Phra Sing (10 minutes away)

Lonely planet calls this location Chiang Mai’s most revered temple. It is the place to go for those who are interested about Thai architecture as it boasts a main attraction of the beautifully decorated Lai Kam assembly hall, adorned with restored murals that tell the story of locals’ way of life in the past. You should pay a visit to admire the beautiful Buddah image and the statues of guardian lions and the Lanna architecture.

Sunday Night Market (18 minutes away)

Imagine the usual walking street night markets in Thailand - numerous stalls lining the road - selling stone bracelets and refreshing herbal drinks - people shuffling through the market, the sounds from the street musicians from guitar covers to violins. Now imagine that but much, much bigger. The Sunday Night market is a very large walking street market starting from Thapae Gate and extending the full length of Rachadamnoen Road, with nooks and crannies that if you turn into offer a spread of food selection and some tables for you to sit down instead of having to eat and walk around. However, this is open only on Sundays, though it is a spot that any avid shoppers should make sure to visit.

5 art lovers spots you should not miss in Chiangmai

ChamCha Market

Located in San Kamphaeng, ChamCha market is a local art market you must not miss. The market stalls open every Saturday however, there are permanent shops of local artisans that is opened every day of the week. We suggest you give it an afternoon of shopping and sitting in quaint little cafes to hide away from the heat. We guarantee this is not your usual walking street markets like the others you might find in Thailand - ChamChai market is truly unique with its own personal atmosphere.

JingJai Market

If ChamCha market is too far for you - fear not. Jingjai market is located in the city and acts as a Farmer’s market on the weekends, doubling as an artisan market on Sunday. We recommend you going there early as later on in the day there might be a lot more people, it is also good to go early as it closes at 1 pm. Head there for some shopping, try a good variety of food from the iconic Thai tea to Thai snacks such as Khai Hong while live music is being played in the background. JingJai market is the place to go for the Chiangmai Hipster scene - from a homemade jam stall (boasting 130 unique flavors such as Lychee and Rose petals jam - we suggest you don’t leave until you try at least 10 of their flavors) to a handbag stall offering one of a kind design you would want to buy a couple and then more for all your friends back home.

MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum

While this art museum is located quite far from the city, the museum is definitely rewarding for art lovers. We suggest you catch a red car to Warorot market then hop on the white car to the museum for cheaper fare (however, Grab will take you there quite easily just as well charging you at approximately 300 baht from the hotel). The contemporary art museum charges 150 baht for adults and 100 baht for students. The museum has changing set ups of different exhibits, boasting both local artists as well as international ones.

Seescape Gallery

Seescape gallery though small we recommend you pay it a visit due to it being a well-known part of the Chiangmai art scene. Founded by a local artist, it functions as a cafe’/gallery space with a photogenic and unique architecture, complete with large round windows that will make you think of the Hobbits. A brunch spot to visit for the hipster traveller. The gallery part of Seescape has a rotation of exhibitions by local artists. Additionally, it is also located near a popular icecream cafe’ called iBerry we recommend you try for their unique and Thai-fusion flavors.


This one is a somewhat more high-end on the list as it is more of a shopping mall - however don’t let that fool you. With teashops boasting rainbow tea for you to try and local artisan boutiques lining its ground floor, you can spend a whole day at OneNimman and never get bored. Additionally, the Chiangmai Ballroom Dancing Club (you can find them on Facebook) sometimes host a free lesson there near the clock tower. While this destination is on a much more pricey end it is a must visit for your Chiangmai experience.